Your Unique Voice.

Purposeful AI with Supervised Learning

Up to 65% automation of customer contacts

Low-Code pilot and rich integration

Hi, I am Prody, your new customer service AI assistant. Together we can automate up to 65% of your live chat conversations and maximize your conversion! Are you interested?
Automation sounds nice. But I don't want my customers to get wrong answers from a chatbot!
Good call; customer experience is key for me as well! I never give wrong answers. If I am not able to respond automatically I will consult with a human representative. Together we deliver the right and relevant responses at all times. Our collaboration is getting more and more automated as my knowledge base builds. How does it sound to you?
Sounds good, but I bet we need a lot of IT resources to implement you...
On the contrary! I can start anytime as a lightweight add-on, but you can integrate me into your existing systems once I've proven my effectiveness. Let's get to it!

    Low code, immediate performance

    With a simple, low-code pilot implementation, you can get Prody up and running in a few weeks. With a cost-effective proof of concept, you can make informed decisions about the next steps of your automation.

    Integration without compromises

    Prody integrates seamlessly into any IT stack and working environment. Out-of-the-box API and SDK integrations and custom developments are at your disposal from Prody's professional development team.

    Safety comes first!

    Prody can live in a secure private cloud or on your premises if you prefer. If Prody handles payment information, he can be implemented under the umbrella of a PCI-compliant framework for state-of-the-art security.

    Technology and beyond

    Prody was developed through the collaboration of business professionals and developers. Our team provides you with cutting-edge technology and a team of digital experts ready to help you optimise your automation.

    Meaningful conversations

    Prody can master your brand's unique voice in any language by learning from your agents. Prody quickly improves to hold meaningful conversations, boosting online conversion with less and less human intervention.

    Unique solutions tailored for your brand

    Prody offers you a wealth of automation possibilities. Prody's intelligent automation can transform your customer relations, knowledge management, marketing, online sales funnels, recruitment and beyond.
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